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    Secure Ticket Printing For Events

    Hague Australia works with high profile events, sports, entertainment and leisure companies such as football clubs, concert venues, racecourses, theatres, arenas and tourist attractions to provide secure event ticket printing to avoid ticket reproduction and ticket fraud.

    If you are running an event, you want to make sure the tickets you sell are not fraudulently copied or replicated as this could cost you $1,000s in lost revenue. With the increasing number of ticket fraud cases being reported, more and more events and leisure venues trust Hague to supply them with tickets that keep your event safe from fraud and help you fight counterfeiters.

    What Is Secure Event Ticket Printing?

    Secure event ticket printing involves the printing of tickets that are resistant to intentional or unintentional damage, are very difficult to be duplicated or forged, are unique and have traceability. Hague Australia can help you with secure event ticket printing and relieve you of all worries regarding ticket printing security.

    Hague Australia can manage the entire function of secure event printing and provide you will hassle-free solutions. Organising events can be hard work, time consuming and a difficult process but by hiring Hague Australia, you can make sure that your tickets will be protected from fraud reducing your worry and responsibility considerably.

    Instead, you can focus on other logistical and operational areas of the event and pull off a successful event.

    A Leading Secure Event Ticket Printing Provider

    We are one of the largest providers of secure thermal tickets, which carry the latest anti-counterfeit features such as complex designs, holograms, watermarked papers and security inks.

    Getting the right secure event tickets can be a lot of work if you are doing it yourself and even then because of lack of expertise, it’s easy to overlook a critical detail or have something go wrong in the printing which could jeopardise the organisation of your event.

    We literally supply over 20 million thermal tickets per year for events, leisure, sport and entertainment companies. As a leader in secure design and development of event tickets, we can help you to create secure tickets, that will be protected against counterfeiting.

    We can also provide ID cards, wristbands, thermal badges, membership cards, and access control solutions.

    We can help in implementing high quality solutions including providing in-house design to create a unique brand and look for your specific events or season tickets.

    Hague provides a range of secure event ticket printing services with a wide range of security features including holograms, security paper and complex numbering.

    Organising events is a lot of work. Choosing to work with a specialist for the printing of your tickets will give you peace of mind and you can concentrate on the event itself.

    Employing our services to ensure the tickets for your events are protected from fraud will be a decision you will never regret.

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    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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