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    Hague's secure software solutions are designed to reduce costs by streamlining processes and adding increased efficiency and security

    Let's face it, as technology moves on, so does the fraudulent use. Companies today require a technological solution to the age old problem of fraud and brand protection. Added to this, companies now evolve in a fast changing environment, having to manage restricted budgets whilst providing outstanding customer experience. 

    Hague has developed a range of secure software which aim at streamlining processes, improving businesses efficiencies and reducing costs whilst allowing you to concentrate on the level of service you offer to your customers. 

    Our software offering ranges from secure cheque printing and secure online document transfer (PermierCert+) to mobile queue management (QLess).

    Cheque printing software

    Our Premiercheque+ and PremierBook software allow organizations to print securely cheques, remittance advices, banker's drafts and other secure documents using TROY MICR printers, giving them a complete in-house payment solution. Not only our software is an effective deterrent to fraud, it also signs the cheques for you so you don't have to.  

    Secure online document transfer

    Degree and certificate fraud is a big issue and it is important for Universities and Training Organisations to implement secure online document transfer and web verification software. Our PremierCert+ software allows Education institutions, students and employers to gain access to their documentation (such as AHEGS, Testamurs etc) anywhere at any time.

    Mobile queue management

    Don't make your customers, patients or clients wait in line any more. With our mobile queue management software QLess, they can join a virtual queue from their mobile and use their waiting time efficiently and as they please. No more waiting in line, no more packed waiting rooms. 

    More than 1,000 locations worldwide use our software applications which are available in different languages and currencies. 

    We have a dedicated in-house software development team to ensure that bespoke business requirements can be incorporated into a system to meet specific needs. 

    For more information on our secure software, click on our product categories below. 


    Why not Contact Us to discuss your document software requirements.


    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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