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    Security Print

    Hague is a leading authority on document fraud prevention.  We provide secure branded documents for world-class Australian organizations...

    Paper based documentation is one of the easiest products to be counterfeit. Documents can be copied, edited (with some pretty basic software) and passed off to unsuspecting employers, Banks, Government agencies or Education & Training organizations as genuine.

    Document fraud prevention technologies

    Hague provides secure document printing solutions that include some of the world's leading security technologies. Our document security ranges from simplistic print embossing to the use of ultra violet ink within the paper and even further to the use of complex bespoke holograms.

    Hague offers a range of secure document printing options that prevent fraudulent copying and alterations ensuring that every official document is protected and cannot be copied or replicated.

    Thousands of companies have placed their trust in Hague and benefit from our expertise in secure document printing. By partnering with Hague, you can be confident that all documents that are submitted to you as well as those that you reproduce for clients and stakeholders are hundred percent original and protected against forgery. A good way to start your brand protection strategy. 

    Hague provides:

    • Education certificates such as Certificates, AHEGS, testamurs and diplomas
    • Bespoke document print such as vouchers, permits, bills of lading, customs documents
    • Brand protection labels sich as pharma labels
    • ID cards
    • Visa labels
    • Electoral documents
    • Cheques

    Hague have the most comprehensive range of security features available to provide client specific, innovative and technological solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting.

    Why not Contact Us to discuss your document security requirements.



    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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