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    Hague is skilled in design, origination and manufacture of complex, custom-made holograms to protect your staff ID cards, documents, products and packaging. 

    A member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Hague offers a secure, efficient and high quality hologram printing for a wide range of products such as brand protection labels, ID cards, certificates, cheques and foils. Our secure services are used by some of the world's leading Governments agencies (federal and local), Fashion Labels, Pharmacists, Retailers, Healthcare providers and Higher Education institutions.

    Holograms remain one of the best security features to fight counterfeiting. The use of holograms, especially bespoke holograms ensures your brand and products are better protected against fraud.

    Our Hologram Printing Services

    Hague Australia offers hologram printing for a wide range of documents including degree certificates, testamurs, visas, cheques and official documents such as permit, licences and customs documents.

    Hague provides bespoke hologram printing offering the highest level of security. Custom holograms are very difficult to copy making them a truly efficient deterrent against counterfeiters. Our experienced design studio can create fully bespoke holograms individually designed and in line with your corporate guidelines. 

    Hologram printing is one of the most effective ways to protect your brand against fraud. A hologram is also an efficient tool to promote your brand and can be used as a marketing tool to retrieve customer data.

    Hague Australia offers high quality hologram print application solutions including:

    • Hologram origination with custom designs
    • Personalised dies
    • Registered holograms
    • Holographic wallpaper foils
    • Application to all types of substrate including paper, card, ID cards and packaging
    • Desktop point of issue hologram applicator – The Hague Securogram which allows your organisation to create and print their own Staff and Student cards

    As specialists in secure solutions, Hague Australia has the most comprehensive range of security features available, all developed to take advantage of the latest in covert, overt and forensic security technology. We can create highly sophisticated holographic designs, originations, use specialist inks and create secure labels and tamper-evident seals to help protect the identity of original products and packaging. 

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    Why not Contact Us to discuss your hologram printing requirements.


    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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