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    25 Jul 2018

    Our Advice When It Comes To Designing Custom Event Tickets

    Getting people excited about your event starts with creating custom tickets. Designing a ticket that resonates with those attending the event is the perfect branding opportunity yet it is often overlooked.

    Conveying the right message

    Before you even begin to design your ticket, you need to consider the information that is going to be included. For example, the name of the event, its time, date and location are all vital. You may want to include a seat number and price too.

    Ensure that your ticket design reflects the event. For example, if you are using car related imagery for a music concert, it is going to look out of place!

    When it comes to expressing the tone of the event, the font also plays an important role. A classical orchestra suits more traditional fonts, whereas you may want something bold and modern for a music festival.

    Designing your ticket isn’t just limited to the front. The back is equally as important and gives you space to include information that you aren’t putting on the front. This can be place to add some short terms and conditions, transport tips and any health and safety comments for the venue.

    Cost effective ticket printing

    Maybe this is more than you anticipated when it came to creating the perfect event ticket, however the time, effort and money that you put into your tickets pays for itself. Great looking tickets are often showcased and kept by those who attended, as well as being in keeping with the tone and message for the event itself.

    If you have a one-off event, it is most likely not cost effective to hire a designer in-house. Instead, you should consider outsourcing your ticket design to a professional printer.

    Hague have decades of experience in the printing industry and are able to help you create custom tickets that you are proud of. Our expert team can talk you through the design process, ensuring that you make a great impression on your event’s attendees, offering you advice about imagery, fonts, paper, and general printing.

    Fill in our online enquiry form and a member of Hague’s ticket design team will be in touch to speak to you in more detail about the custom event ticket printing solutions we offer.


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