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    17 Jul 2018

    Everything you need to know about protecting your certificates

    Do you protect your certificates?

    Protecting your organisation is vital so it is important to have bespoke security solutions for your documents. Using holograms, invisible UV designs, secure foiling and QR Codes protects them from duplication and fraud.

    When it comes round to you sourcing a bespoke hologram, ensure that you aren’t misled into getting a mass-produced hologram that doesn’t have the security features you are after.

    Counterfeit degree certificates are a rising problem as it becomes easier than ever to replicate a certificate. It has never been more important to protect your documents from fraud by putting the proper security in place.

    At Hague Australia, we specialise in security print and we are able to offer you quality, bespoke security features.

    Do your certificates fit with your brand?

    It is important that the design of your certificates fits with your brand. You want your certificates to have the prestigious look and feel of your institution or brand as well as be secure against fraud. The branding needs to be strong and comply with any brand guidelines that your organisation has.

    Hague supplies certificates to Awarding Bodies, Chartered Institutes & Training Providers throughout the UK and overseas.

    Hague is able to help and specialises in security print and brand protection. Contact a member of the team to learn more about how you can protect your certificates from fraudsters.


    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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